“The History of the Internet”

The video, “The History of the Internet,” by Melih Bilgil is a short, interesting video that explains how the internet was made. The video starts out in the year 1957 and says that this was the year that it all began. Before that year, the computer only worked on one task at a time. This created a lot of frustration and time wasted. Something new to me was the four main components that make up the internet, which include DARPA, RAND Corporation in America, The National Physical Laboratory in England, and the Cyclades Network in France.
I did learn a decent amount of information from this video because I did not known much, if any at all, about the history on the internet. I do remember a teacher commenting on the way programming used to be, which he explained how things went back and forth and the programmer couldn’t directly work on the computer, which this video addressed. To me, the video was quite engaging due to the animation incorporated into it. Just the information alone would not have held my attention for very long.


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