Portfolio Site

According to the nine essential principles for good web design, my site design lives up to most of them, such as the spacing, the navigation, the typography, alignment, clarity, and consistency. In my opinion, what the design is falling short on would be probably the precedence and the usability.

The hierarchy is not too bad when you first look at the site, the photograph of the donuts are seen first, then the first div that is about me. I would like to add those arrows back in to the bars for each section because it helps guide through the site, but, if too difficult, it is not a huge issue.

For the usability problem, the only thing is that I need to think about how the mobile version of this site will work. There are not any people who like to turn their phone horizontally; so, I want to look into some other options when I get to this point.

However, my HTML site compared to my Photoshop design is quite close. There are a few things that have changed, such as adding some more info into the about me section, or the loss of the arrows, but they are smaller details.


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