About Me!

Hello all! My name is Alyssa Myers, I am 21 years old, and I’m a junior here at The University of Akron in the Honors College studying graphic design and computer science. I am currently only minoring in computer science, but, depending on how far along I get in programming classes before I graduate, I may end up double majoring. I plan on continuing my education after I graduate in animation school. I grew up in a small town south of Youngstown and east of Alliance called Salem. Unlike most, I have basically known my entire life what I have wanted to do. When I was very young, around age 5 maybe, I developed a passion for animation. I have older cousins that are in the fields of graphic design and animation, and they would introduce me to very exciting things that sparked this passion. I even would watch how these movies were animated at this young age. 

Later down the road in high school, I was encouraged to take a programming class, so I starting learning java in computer science. I discovered that I also enjoyed this different kind of problem solving, and I love challenging myself through this and design. I excelled in the class and eventually passed the advanced placement exam earning credit for college. I was unsure what to study; due to the number of jobs available in animation compared to programming. However, in the end, I have decided to pursue both in order to still go for my dream.

Some of my hobbies would include character illustration and animation, baking, singing, programming, watching television and movies, learning the Spanish language, and I’m a fan of knitting and crocheting as well. I also love to laugh! It doesn’t take much to make me laugh. I have worked at Dunkin Donuts since I turned 16 years old, making it five years so far. I really enjoy working there and have developed many friendships over the years. I am now a shift manager, and I am an expert at making coffee and baking donuts! En la escuela antes de la universidad, yo estudié el lenguaje de español por siete años. Yo deseo poder aprender este lenguaje en la universidad, pero no tengo tiempo. A veces, me gusta tratar de recordar las palabras y los verbos, pero, es difícil recordar.

I do have some experience in web site design and HTML. When I was younger, I messed with this on my own a little bit. My goal for this class is to become more successful in this different coding language in order to not only design a website but also build it completely on my own.


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